Grenoble Escort 2 Pleasure

Hi, I am Lola

French Brunette, well-educated (PhD), cultured, with a curious very passionate nature, porcelain-blue eyes, 1m69, natural F-cup & dress size medium. I do what I do best, freely and naturally for great pleasure, fun, as a very pleasurable leisure activity, to give and most definitely receive great pleasure. I really adore the feeling, the passion, the sight, the sound of escorting a man to new limits of pleasure!

Some ladies stimulate their passions reading about hot adventures, fantasies & arouse their imagination with what-if's? ...

Where I finally decided to stop wishing, stop fantasizing, 'just do it', to take the plunge, to embrace this intense profound desire and finally do what I have dreamed about, deeply fantasized and yearned for since my teenage years!

After my only major regret was; Oh why! - did I not 'move my ass' and do this so many years before, I wasted so many amazing years of sublime bliss! 

It's truly my passion, my dreams, my desire, my absolute favorite leisure-pleasure activity, - greedily and sincerely -

Simply J’adoreeeeee.

I am considered, elegant, attractive, very charming, a natural, Intelligent sexy ideal partner for dinner dates, VIP events or just for pure adult funnnn!!  


> Fantasies: J'adore new encounters, each time I am truly like a little girl on her birthday, wondering what new exciting present I’ve been given? So eager, excited, I simply cannot wait to unwrap, see, touch, hold, taste and play with my wonderful magnificent new toy! Truly; each time It’s a fantasy come true! - Now you would not want to deprive a girl of her dreams would you? ;-)


It is my great desire, my absolute pleasure to invite you in ;-Q  

So like I have, just accept your destiny and let a natural gifted woman as I, subdue, tame this burning fire, before again blowing on the embers to make it rise and burn oh so strongly again!

1st; SMS +33652448215, 



(Note: as time is always to short and very precious to me I rarely pass time to look at emails, thus preferred rdv request via SMS)



Lola  ***

PS. Hobbies Anything that makes me hot, sticky & takes my breath away ;-)



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